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Table of contents for week of March 27, 2003


When doors of democracy are locked against you, how do you barge your way in to the political discourse? Sam Pfeifle speaks with a woman who put herself in handcuffs

Jess Kilby reports that swapping files may soon be no ordinary crime

Richard Byrne wonders how will the rules of war govern the US-led invasion of Iraq - and who will serve as the judges?

In Don't Quote Me, Dan Kennedy profiles the media war, which to this point has been full striking images, while greatly lacking context

Seth Gitell says pre-war optimism missed an essential reality: war is hell.

Editor Sam Pfeifle offers some thoughts on covering war.

And, Al Diamon

Plus, this just in:

ANTIWAR MOVEMENT:The occupation begins
ALT ENERGY:Renewable fuel heats up
RIP: Zachary Gaulkin (1965-2003)

Postcard from Atlanta


In the Beat Report, Sam Pfeifle finds Rocktopus coming out swinging on their latest CD.

Sam Pfeifle goes inside the making of Seekonk's Tiny Lustre Plus, Sibilance

Short reviews of:

John Freeman says Nicholson Baker's latest, A Box of Matches, is slim and trim

Amy Finch on John McManus' latest, Born on a Train


Beth Brogan says plan your wedding around the food and you can't go wrong -->


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