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Table of contents for week of March 6, 2003

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According to Jess Kilby, regional-transportation planning has come a long way toward addressing sprawl and exploring transit alternatives, but there are many miles to go before it's perfect

Denise Porter Kemp says community supported agriculture lets you grow your own food, feel good about it, and let someone else do all the work.

Plus, this just in:

VINTAGE ARCADE : Final strike
FRESH AIR : WMTW-Radio makes a morning switch
ACTIVIST UPDATE : March 15 looks to be big
THE NEXT ACTION : More bus trips planned to DC

Letters to the editor


In the Beat Report, Sam Pfeifle says Tony McNaboe proves he's heading in the right direction with Destination

J. Mark Searce finds the PSO looking homeward.

And, Sibilance


Beth Brogan takes in the heavy and the light at the Portland Jewish Film Festival .


Jeff Inglis bears witness to the problems of growing up profiled in To Bear Witness


Joan Lang takes in Yosaku, Benkay's old chef's new joint


Tanya Whiton takes in AC, baby!


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