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Women in these dumb comedies always fall into two categories: the super-sweet girl next door who’s turned on by male antics, and the scolding, castrating figure. Old School briefly gives us a third type — the girlfriend who when you come home early from a business trip you discover is into gangbanging (Juliette Lewis). But she’s gone from the film after 10 minutes, and the rest of this frat-house farce is devoted to men behaving stupidly. Although the script by director Todd Phillips and Scot Armstrong has its witty moments, like many real-life fraternity activities, it tries too hard to be cool or funny (wrestling in a pool of K-Y Jelly, anyone?). But the three stars, Luke Wilson, Will Ferrell, and Vince Vaughn, often turn water into wine, or at least cheap keg beer, with their nonchalant portrayals of three 30-year-old friends who start a fraternity on their town’s college campus. Vaughn is especially fun to watch, perhaps because he’s revisiting his Swingers character. Craig Kilborn, Seann William Scott, and Jeremy Piven also appear. (90 minutes)

Issue Date: February 20 - 27, 2003
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