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Rhode Island's most influential people in the Arts community
Profiling those who make a difference

Compiling a list of Rhode Islandís most influential people in the arts is a daunting challenge and it was a task that we didnít take lightly. We spent countless hours making phone calls, compiling lists, doing Web searches and interviews. It was our hope that the subsequent list is both exhaustive and representative. Although it was probably impossible not to make some inadvertent omissions, our list certainly includes some names that may not have come to mind. Our desire was to be celebratory, rather than exclusive. These are some of the people who make Rhode Island ó justly known for the arts ó a better place to live, work, and play.

First, however, before we could take on this task, we needed some definitions. What does it mean to be influential?

Websterís defines it as "powerful" and "effective." Our definition leans more toward the latter. The people we profile in this section, and those weíve chosen to recognize in our list of the "152 Most Influential People in Rhode Island," are those who influence by effect. They are folks with big jobs to do, and who do them with the purpose of providing a positive influence on Rhode Island. We believe that you canít truly be influential while having a negative impact. So hereís some attention for those who well deserve it.

Rhode Island's most influential
Intro | Broches and Pagh | Len Cabral | Paul Geremia | Dorothy Jungels | Ben McOsker | Ed Shea | Paula Vogel | Herb Weiss

Issue Date: October 10 - 16, 2003
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