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More bus trips planned to DC

Continuing on the organizing success of world-wide protests January 17 (most US activists converged in Washington, DC) and February 15 (most US activists traveled to either New York City or San Francisco), is another international call to action for March 15. This time, the goal domestically is to " Take it to the White House, " encouraging eastern protestors to group on Pennsylvania Avenue while West Coasters simultaneously protest in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

And, again, there are plans in place for Mainers who want to bus down to DC, but at least one previous organizer has been overwhelmed by the response. Peace Action Maineís Greg Field sent out an email last week saying that his office and staff was no longer able to handle the amount of interest in buses to the March 15 action.

" A few people have called asking if Peace Action Maine is organizing buses to DC for March 15, " Field writes. " The short answer is no, but the longer answer follows: Our office has been swamped since January with calls and emails about the bus organizing for DC and then NYC. We'll leave for an hour and come back to 15 messages on our phone machine and an email box with hundreds of messages per day. Even with excellent folks coming in to help do calls we were swamped. So, we can't route the organizing for another DC bus action through the office. "

Not to worry, however. A group of folks led by one Sue Andersen have stepped in to help out since that plea and buses are being organized through a phone number set up Tuesday, March 4. At least two buses will be leaving Portland Friday, March 14. You can call either (207) 791-2822 or email Andersen at sueandersen@igc.org.

Also, there is organizing going on by the Midcoast Peace and Justice Group for buses that will leave from Rockland and stop in Nobleboro and Topsham. For those north, call (207) 273-3247 to reserve a seat ó itís $75 per (you could also donate $75 so that someone without the dosh could go, too).

Issue Date: March 6 - 13, 2003
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