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Letters to Symboline
Letters to Symboline
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January 11

Waxing moon in Gemini. Another fine day for multiple communication, or for helping others see both sides (or for buying items two at a time!). Geminiís humor may run to childish japes ó which we all appreciate, donít get me wrong. As will that of Sagittarius, who should be very careful about getting misinterpreted today. VOC 8:46 pm to 5:50 am Thursday.


The holidays are over, leaving a sky full of planets jousting with one another. Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn are all squaring off (and Mars is the bright-red dot in the night sky), so Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius may feel like theyíre not being listened to, which is why theyíre saying. Things. More. Than. Once. And. LOUDLY. Moonwise, this is the first-quarter-waxing-moon phase so keep building, growing, developing, and deepening. New ideas are much more appealing than revisiting old projects. So if you need to back-burner whatís already on the back burner, youíre in tune with the universe.


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When market business was bad in the East End the trader would exclaim: "Ah! I expect I forgot to bow to the new moon!"

Ė London, Peter Ackroyd

Happy New Year, everyone! This month, waxing moon synchs up nicely with the calendar days, as we had our new moon on December 31. But not everything goes nicely, as Mars and Jupiter oppose one another in Taurus and Scorpio. This opposition comes sharply into focus from around January 9 to 23, so if you know any bulls, scorpions, lions or water-carriers, you may notice theyíre more-than-usually agitated. If this is your sign, pay attention to the people and projects emerging in this zone, particularly those that are vexing, thwarting, or otherwise "not what youíd planned." (This gets even more interesting from January 19 to 23, when Neptune in Aquarius gets into the action Ė increasing oneís willingness to dupe or be duped.) The universe has a way of throwing curve balls when they want to get you onto another course of action. Since the aforementioned four signs are the "fixed" signs (i.e., those not really open to change, although Aquarius does their darndest), change may be the last thing youíve got planned.

This is how this page works: I answer reader queries on this page at "Letters to Symboline," the Internetís most helpful astrological advice column (itís to the left of this column on this page). This changes every week, and itís also the space where I write about other things going on astrologically. If your situation is too complex for "Letters," consider a personal forecast. And, if you click on your sun sign, youíll find a monthly forecast, with specific days highlighted. Also, the 2006 Moon Signs Calendar, your lunar year at a glance is done! Info at www.moonsigns.net

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(Sally Cragin)

Happy birthday to: Milo Miles, Mary Trainor, Larry Millman, Eli Trainor, Jennifer Trainor, Elinor Silverman, Ella Francesca, Victor Dupuis, Frank Grillo, Beth D, and Lisa G.

PS: My brother Hal will appear on NBCís The Office on January 5. Heís the bass player on the boat.

PPS: And Iíll be teaching two seminars on astrology at the Cambridge (Mass.) Center for Adult Education. On April 30, from 3 to 5 p.m., itís "The Moon and You." Iíll talk about lunar phases and general astrology. Itís a fun class, and makes astrology very easy and logical (which, on some levels, it is!). And on Sundays, free parking is easy to find in Harvard Square. Call (617) 547-6789, or visit www.ccae.org. The course "code" which you have to tell them is MOON. Iíll also be doing another class focused on understanding your personal horoscope on Sunday, May 21 (yes, a long time away) from 3 to 5 p.m. Students will provide me with birth data ahead of time, and weíll have a seminar on some astrological basics.